Product Identity

Designation of Product Identity: The following items are hereby designated as Product Identity as provided in section 1(e) of the Open Game License: Any and all material or content that could be claimed as Product Identity pursuant to section 1(e), below, is hereby claimed as product identity, including but not limited to: 1. The name “Frog God Games” as well as all logos and identifying marks of Frog God Games™, LLC, including but not limited to the Frog God logo and the phrase “Adventures worth winning,” as well as the trade dress of Frog God Games™ products; 2. The product name “The Lost Lands,” as well as any and all Frog God Games product names referenced in the work; 3. All artwork, illustration, graphic design, maps, and cartography, including any text contained within such artwork, illustration, maps or cartography; 4. The proper names, personality, descriptions and/or motivations of all artifacts, characters, races, countries, geographic locations, plane or planes of existence, gods, deities, events, magic items, organizations and/or groups unique to this book, but not their stat blocks or other game mechanic descriptions (if any), and also excluding any such names when they are included in monster, spell or feat names. 5. Any other content previously designated as Product Identity is hereby designated as Product Identity and is used with permission and/or pursuant to license.